Digital Artist
Kyoto & Osaka, Japan

I have been making videos since my university days.
Now, I primarily produce digital art.

Unlike conventional paintings, digital artwork is supported by digital devices such as monitors or smartphones.
And because of this, the replay environments and size of the works are always changing.
I’ m always conscious of producing my intended colors and motions even under these conditions.
Furthermore, I also actively incorporate the element of chance as well as new technologies when creating my works.

The most significant feature of my production style is that finished pieces can serve as visual materials for future works.
Typically, I feel like there are many cases where artists shouldn’ t simply repeat themselves or produce reproductions,
but I am actively recreating my own works.
I have taken to occasionally reimagining my own works from four or five years ago with new perspectives or awareness,
producing something entirely different.
Perhaps I should call this “self-proliferating art,” a style that fully embraces this key aspect of digital art.
And while my individual pieces may appear to be entirely separate entities at first glance, they are interconnected as a body of work.

-Principal Award and Exhibitions-
WILCO Exhibition (France ,2021)
Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel Exhibition (France , 2020)
Dong Gallery Taipei × FRAMED Exhibition (Taiwan , 2019)
LaLaport YOKOHAMA FRAMED Spaces Exhibition (Japan , 2019)
atmos GALLRY Exhibition (Japan , 2019)
Dong Gallery Taipei × FRAMED Exhibition (Taiwan , 2018)
Exhibition at KUMANOKODO NAKAHECHI MUSEUM (Japan , 2010)
NAKAYA UKICHIRO MUSEUM OF SNOW AND ICE 5th SNOW DESGIN Competition Incentive award (Japan , 2009)
Art of the moon vol.8 Winning work (Japan , 2009)
The 3rd Sapporo International Short Film Festival ON SCREEN (Japan , 2008)
National Broadcasting, On Air “Digital Stadium” (Japan , 2008)
Production of music video for Danish musicians (Denmark , 2007)
NAKAYA UKICHIRO MUSEUM OF SNOW AND ICE 4th SNOW DESIGN Competition Winning work (Japan , 2007)
EIZO FES PART 9 Winning work (Japan , 2007)

Sept. 2011 – present : Producing art on my days off from my regular office job. 
Apr. 2000 – Aug. 2011: Doing editing work (non-linear editing, CGI production and audio post-production work) at a video production company.
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